About Me

My name is Mason Redlinger(as you probably know if you're reading this). I was raised in Solon, Iowa and was blessed with best childhood I could imagine. I grew up knowing that I can do and be whatever I wanted, and I would always have people behind me to support me.

Why I'm writing.

Growing up I did some cool things, and when I would do something that I loved, I would write about it in a journal. I wrote about my experiences, how they changed me, and how they impacted others. So this is just a place for me to share my experiences with others. Some posts might be old(right out of my journal), and some may be new things that I experience today.

Meet Mason

"I do what I want!" -a saying that I live by, not in defiance of anyone or anything, just saying that no one will hold me back in something I am passionate about.

Mason Jean Redlinger