Where I am and How I Got Here…

About 6 months ago, my life completely changed. I was born and raised to Iowa and didn’t know of much else besides wherever we went on vacation. But for some reason I decided that for college I would attend Florida Gulf Coast University. It was always my parent’s dream to move to Florida once I graduated high school, they told me when I was little that, “The U-Haul will be waiting in the graduation parking lot.” My dad also told me that he would buy me a new car if I went to college in Florida (almost done with freshman year…still waiting), so I had some incentive. How I chose FGCU is kind of a weird story, we were on spring break my freshman year of high school in South Carolina, we were watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament and FGCU was the first 15th seed to ever make the sweet 16 (#DUNKCITY). They showed dorms on the beach and the rest of the campus on TV and we all joked that I should go to school there. Fast forward to the next summer, my mom and I were having our before school Florida trip, and we were driving to an outlet mall we love, and we saw it! We didn’t know it was right there, and we were surprised that we just came up on it like this.

 taken Summer 2013

So, who could have guessed that 2 years later I would go on one campus-visit and apply to one college, and it would be the one I fell in love with as a freshman in high school. I don’t really know why I didn’t want to stay in Iowa? Iowa was my home; why would I leave it? I guess part of me just wanted to get out and kind of get thrown into something completely different.

Ever since coming to FGCU, it’s been a blast mostly, but sometimes it’s kind of a struggle to be away from everything I’ve ever known. To see on my friends in high school at the football games every Friday, to see my friends at Iowa at Kinnick every Saturday, and see a lot of my friends all together. Sometimes I question my choice to go to school so far away, and all I want to do is go home; but most of the time, I love it here, it pushed me really far outside of my comfort zone to come to a school where I don’t know a single person, don’t know where anything is, and sort of feeling lost all the time.

But ultimately… “No growth is made inside your comfort zone…”

 taken July 2016 at Orientation!

6 thoughts on “Where I am and How I Got Here…”

  1. So glad we get to be part of your journey, watching from afar, Mason! Can’t wait to see where it leads you. (Hopefully to Iowa on occasion.)

  2. Mason, having my best friend live so far away kills me but i look forward to our houseparty sessions so we can catch up on gossip, talk HOBY, share secrets, and most of all, expand the life long friendship that we have. So much love I have for you in my heart, Mas💞 Can’t wait to see you in a few months!🤙🏻😊

  3. Life is a journey .. enjoy the ride! You will do great wherever you are… it’s hard to leave your friends , but they will still be there and you do have the luxury of facetime!! Love ya!

  4. Very well written Mason. You are an amazing young woman with so many prospects ahead of you! You stepped out of your comfort zone to grab that brass ring and to start a new chapter of your life. That’s awesome!! Your love for adventure will open many doors.

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